Plant Based

Vegan Protein Powder

What are plant based supplements?

Plant based supplements are any supplements that are free of any ingredients derived from animal based sources. They are made from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices, bark, flowers, leaves, and other botanical ingredients.

What are the benefits of plant based supplements?

When it comes to protein those that are lactose intolerant can avoid all the gut discomfort associated with dairy based products by choosing plant based alternatives.

Who should use them?

Anyone who wants avoid products derived from animal sources.


Q Can your body digest the nutrients in plants based supplements?

A Yes. In many cases plant based sources are more readily absorbed by the body.

Q Will I get enough protein from plant based sources?

A Yes. It’s a myth that you don’t get enough protein from plants.

Q How do plant based proteins taste?

A They are delicious! Gone are the days of chalky plant proteins that taste like cardboard. In fact, many people that try plant based protein are shocked at how good they are.